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.?)When crossing sentences (when the omitted text contains a period, so that omitting the end of a sentence counts), a four-dot, spaced (except for before the first dot) ellipsis (....) should be usedAn ellipsis is also often used in mathematics to mean "and so forth"Three dots (one 3-ten rd character) may be used where space is limited, such as in a headerπ = 3.14159265 … {displaystyle pi =3.14159265ldots } This article is about the punctuation markThe Little, Brown Handbook


13 (2)There are two commonly used methods of using ellipses: one uses three dots for any omission, while the second one makes a distinction between omissions within a sentence (using three dots:...) and omissions between sentences (using a period and a space followed by three dots:..)The diagonal and vertical forms of the ellipsis are particularly useful for showing missing terms in matrices, such as the size-n identity matrix:We could not find the above page on our serversAs with all characters, especially those outside the ASCII range, the author, sender and receiver of an encoded ellipsis must be in agreement upon what bytes are being used to represent the character


In French[edit]Wikimedia Commons has media related to Ellipses (punctuation)An unbracketed ellipsis indicates an interruption or pause in speechIn news reporting, often associated with brackets, it is used to indicate that a quotation has been condensed for space, brevity or relevanceIn some Linux distributions, it can be inserted with AltGr+., or alternatively Ramsey, Jane ERepeated summations or products may similarly be denoted using capital sigma and capital pi notation, respectively:In horizontally written text the dots are commonly vertically centered within the text height (between the baseline and the ascent line), as in the standard Japanese Windows fonts; in vertically written text the dots are always centered horizontallyWhen an ellipsis replaces a fragment omitted from a quotation, the ellipsis is enclosed in parentheses or square brackets


On the other side there is no space between a letter or (part of) a word and an ellipsis, if it stands for one or more omitted letters, that should stick to the written letter or lettersUnicode recognizes a series of three period characters (U+002E) as compatibility equivalent (though not canonical) to the horizontal ellipsis character.[22]Name Character Unicode HTML entity name or Numeric character reference Use Horizontal ellipsis U+2026 … General Laotian ellipsis U+0EAF ຯ General Mongolian ellipsis U+1801 ᠁ General Thai ellipsis U+0E2F ฯ General Vertical ellipsis U+22EE ⋮ Mathematics Midline horizontal ellipsis U+22EF ⋯ Mathematics Up-right diagonal ellipsis U+22F0 ⋰ Mathematics Down-right diagonal ellipsis U+22F1 ⋱ Mathematics Presentation form for vertical horizontal ellipsis U+FE19 ︙ Vertical form p"Associated Press Stylebook and Briefing on Media Law"An ellipsis (plural ellipses; from the AncientGreek: , lleipsis, "omission" or "falling short") is a series of dots (typically three, such as "") that usually indicates an intentional omission of a word, sentence, or whole section from a text without altering its original meaning.[1]Computer representations[edit].


The Houghton Mifflin Canadian Dictionary of the English Language 2017Baidu API APP Further reading[edit]The Chicago Manual of Style, edition 16access-date= requires url= (help) ^ Erika, Darics (2010)ENGLISH BOOKS English Coffee Table Books English Cook Books English Fiction English Health & Fitness English Maps English Non Fiction English Poetry Occasionally, it would be used in pulp fiction and other works of early 20th-century fiction to denote expletives that would otherwise have been censored.[6]

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